TrekDek Treks – The first 52 Treks

So here are the first 52 Treks that will be on the first version of TrekDek playing cards. If any of you guys accomplish these while you travel, tell your story in the comments sections.




2. Go to a restaurant and find out where your server’s favorite place to hang out is.

3. Learn how to say “Live Well, Travel Well” in the local language.

4. Cook a local dish.

5. Donate one day to charity

6. Stay at a hostel, in a room with at least four beds.

7. Go somewhere via boat.

8. Attend a locally advertised event (plays, concerts, art gallery openings, etc)

9. Find a local market and negotiate the price of a product down to at least 1/3 the original price.

10. Take the local public transportation, get off at a random stop and go exploring. [Unsafe areas excluded]

J. Find a local bar and learn the national drinking game or song.

Q .  Find the best place to watch a sunrise.

K. Buy a meal for a homeless person.

A. See a movie at the local cinema.


2. Invite another traveler out on a trek.

3. Attend a local religious service.

4. Join in on a local sports game.

5. Spend an evening hanging out at the hostel.

6 .Go somewhere via train.

7. Eat at a hole in the wall restaurant (it can’t be in your guidebook).

8. Get lost in the city and find your way back to your hostel. Stay safe.

9. Buy some local music.

10. Hang out at a café for an afternoon.

J. Find the best sandwich in town.

Q. Teach a local your national drinking game.

K. Find the best place to watch a sunset.

A. Try couch surfing for one night.


2. Get a piece of clothing that locals wear and wear it around.

3. Get a picture with a street performer.

4. Forego technology for one day.

5. Play a card game with someone.

6. Do a pub crawl with 3 other people.

7. Get out of the city if you’re in it, or into the city if you’re outside of it.

8. Eat at a Chinese restaurant (for some reason these are everywhere).

9. Learn the local “Happy Birthday” song.

10. Walk out of your hostel and go exploring.

J. Sit on a park bench and talk to someone next to you.

Q. Get a picture with an animal (monkeys if available)

K. Stay up all night…zzzzzz.

A. Eat something you’ve never eaten before (extra points for bugs).


2. Lead your own improvised tour of a museum (ludicrous stories earn extra points).

3. Hang out with someone you don’t know for a day.

4. Send a postcard to a friend or family member.

5. Arrive somewhere without having booked a place to stay.

6.Go to a well known landmark without using the internet, a travel guide, or a map for directions (hint: ask people!).

7. Write a list of what $20 can buy you at your current location.

8. Ask a local to explain his country’s political system.

9. Learn to count to ten in the local language.

10. Go to a local bookstore and ask an employee about his favorite book.

J. Ask a local what he thinks about your home country.

Q. Go on a run or bike ride.

K. Take pictures of everything you eat for one day and write a food review.

A. Compliment someone; it doesn’t matter who.


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  1. […] to take with you on your next adventure. And even if you can’t help out, take a gander at the first 52 Treks, posted on the TrekDek […]


  2. Hello Dale,

    Your 52 Treks really fantastic. Have you tried Himalayan region? I encourage you to come hoping you will experience something different. Thanks


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