Trek – Go on a run or bike ride (or how I found the Vietnam memorial in Portland, OR)

The other day I decided I should start running again and figured it would be a good way of exploring Portland. Plus, it is one of my TrekDek challenges. Though I imagine this would have been far more interesting overseas, I still ended up discovering something new: The Vietnam Memorial!
No, I did not mistakenly write Portland instead of DC. I started off on a trail that started on West Burnside Road. I became directionally challenged i.e. lost and ended up running up and down random trails. This eventually led to my encounter with the Vietnam Memorial of Portland. Its pretty cool actually. Its a variation of the DC memorial. There are several smaller “walls” with the names of KIA veterans and a short narrative of a part of the war above the names. I took some pictures with incredibly useful iphone. Below is the narrative of my experience in photo form.

This is what the TrekDek card will look like

The running trail I got lost on

The Vietnam Memorial no one knows about

One wall from the Vietnam Memorial

This is the kind of discovery I hope to encourage with TrekDek. Though I had no intention of finding a “tourist” attraction, I did and I thought it was pretty cool. I recommend anyone in Portland try the trail running/getting lost thing. Apparently if I had gotten lost on a different route I would have ended up at the Rose Garden or the Zoo.

If anyone else has a cool “getting lost on a run” story let me know and I’ll post it.

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