Resume Update: Going Functional

Dale Davidson

Portland, OR 97210 – 781-640-3794  –

Professional Experience

Leadership and Project Management

  • Streamlined and improved the gear issue process for outfitting  250+ Navy SEAL trainees. This process involved reorganizing personnel, delegating authority to subordinates,  and implementing a factory line process. Cut down gear issue time from a historical 4 hours per gear issue to 2 hours.
  • Founded start-up TrekDek INC. In spare time outsourced web development,   implemented social media campaign, filed incorporation paperwork, and collaborated with overseas manufacturers.

Administrative Skills

  • Identified redundant spending in the Navy’s Advanced Training Center budget. Was able to study various departments’ spending history and pinpoint  specific items that could be cut without impacting mission readiness.  Potential savings were approximately $5000-$10000.

Communication skills

  • As both a Kaplan SAT Teacher and 12th Grade Literature Teacher at Egyptian High school, was able to effectively communicate important principles and ideas. SAT students’ test scores improved 15-20%. Literature students improved understanding of core principles of literature.

  • Started personal blog to communicate thoughts and experiences. Has received 1700 views since inception.

Employment History

AUG 2010 – FEB 2011                     12th Grade Literature Teacher, Nefertari American  International School, Cairo Egypt


MAY 2009 – AUG 2010                    Ensign, United States Navy, San Diego, CA


SEP 2005 – MAY 2009                      Midshipman, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, Washington, DC


NOV 2006 – MAY 2009                    SAT Teacher, Kaplan Test Prep, Washington, DC


Bachelor of Arts, The George Washington University (2009)

Major: International Affairs with concentration in security and conflict

Minor: French Language and Literature

I invite all of you to critique the thing.


2 responses to this post.

  1. First off – I love the Oregon address and Massachusetts phone number. Love it.

    Second, under potential savings: is that a one-time savings, monthly, yearly, nectarly? One of those words needs to be at the end.

    This resume is much better in my opinion. The one thing I would definitely add is an Objective, which is often a grammatically incorrect sentence stating what you’re looking for, one you can tweak a little if you’re applying to different positions.

    Try sending it out and see what kind of feedback you get before doing any further tweaking. Good luck.


    • Yea the objective thing was interesting. I was debating whether to put it in but I realized I don’t have a specific one as far as employment is concerned (pay the bills?). I still might add it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


      PS: Yea I’m hoping some hiring manager will catch the Massachusetts number and be inspired to call.


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