My resume (please revise to make me look more awesome)

Here is the full text of resume. I would love to hear your suggestions on how to lie better, I mean present myself in a better light (euphemisms are great).

Dale Davidson

(781) 640-3794


The George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs, Washington, DC, Bachelor of Arts, May 2009

Major: International Affairs: Conflict and Security

Minor: French Language and Literature

Honors Program (September 2005 – May 2007)

American University Center of Provence, Marseille, France, Spring 2008, Semester Abroad

Intensive language study; Home stay; Coursework conducted in French, Focus on French colonization of North Africa


TrekDek INC, Founder, August 2010 – Present

  • Founded TrekDek INC
  • Managed a web development team located in India remotely
  • Managed communications between TrekDek INC and overseas suppliers (primarily in China)
  • Implemented social media campaign
  • Implemented market research plan
  • Engaged in fundraising activities (venture capitalists/angel investors)

Nefertari American International School, 12th Grade Teacher, Cairo, Egypt, August 2010 – February 2011, 40 hours

  • Developed 12th Grade Literature and Writing curriculum for Egyptian students
  • Implemented appropriate classroom management systems
  • Continually engaged students in activities designed to raise their interest in literature and writing

United States Navy, Ensign, Coronado, CA, May 2009 – August 2010, 40 hours per week

  • Student Control Officer, Guarantee military personnel are properly enrolled in advanced academic and tactical special operations courses
  • Operations Assistant, Aided with the execution of day-to-day operations at the Naval Special Warfare Center
  • Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL Student, Participated in physical training, directly responsible for the welfare and safety of 15 other students, and ensured training vehicles were properly maintained

Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps, George Washington University Unit, Washington, DC, August 2005 – May 2009, 12 hours per week

  • Earned a commission as a United States Navy Ensign in May 2009
  • 1 of 16 nationwide NROTC midshipman selected for year group 2009 Naval Special Warfare training (SEALs)
  • Hand-picked to track and ensure proper military gear outfitting and logistical support for over 150 members as the supply officer (May 2008 to December 2008)
  • Supervised the welfare, collegiate academic, and military physical standards and conduct for 20 midshipman (December 2008 to May 2009)
  • Recruited, trained, and mentored military and civilian students considering application into the Navy SEAL program as the Special Warfare Club coordinator.  Duties included designing and leading core and cardiovascular strengthening exercises, building underwater self-confidence, and developing citizenship (August 2007 – May 2009)

Scholastic Aptitude Test Teacher, Kaplan Test Preparation, December 2006 – April 2009, 12 hours per week

  • Instructed SAT Preparation classes to high school students through dynamic teaching methods that engaged students in course material
  • Administered practice exams mimicking real-life testing conditions
  • Critiqued student essays and provided feedback on writing skills
  • Improved students’ test scores by 100+ points
  • Consistently rated ‘excellent teacher’ by students

Additional Information

  • Designated U.S. Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer, Ensign (1635 / O-1)
  • TS/SCI Clearance
  • French Language Ability (Intermediate Level)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Affiliated with San Diego VAVi Sports and Social Club Marathon Training Team


3 responses to this post.

  1. You want to know why your resume isn’t shocking the hell out of the world? It reads the way everyone else’s does:

    “I went to this school, I did these tasks at these companies, and I made damn sure if I did anything awesome it’s not listed on here as clear as day so you think you should call me for an interview.”

    I hired people for 4 years. Resumes like this just tell hiring managers you can do what your told. No idea if you can do it well, no idea if you have any initiative other than starting your own company and therefore making it look like you’re not dedicated to the job you applied for.

    What did you do that was awesome? That was above and beyond your job? That’s what you need to list on your resume. And if you don’t have anything then maybe you should take a $10/hour job and do something amazing before you think you’re worth a penny more. When I graduated I had held a part-time sales job where I was one of their top sales reps. I had organized events for the hell of it. I had leadership roles in multiple groups. I made sure all of that was displayed prominently on my resume.

    Write about your accomplishments.

    Write about the results you got.

    Don’t lie, don’t bullshit.

    Keep it to one page.

    Write it like you have one shot to get someone’s attention.


  2. Here is what I can distill from your comments:

    1. The resume as an employment history is not effective at catching someone’s attention.

    2. The start-up part shows initiative but may conflict with the duties of being an employee.

    3. Display accomplishments, not job history.

    4. If you don’t have any accomplishments, get a job where you can show initiative and accomplish…well, accomplishments.

    5. Don’t bullshit

    Here are my responses to your points:

    1. How do you make a resume exciting? A one page word document hardly stands out, especially in virtual form. How do you increase your chances of even getting looked at in the first place in the context of an overwhelming number of job applicants and an impersonal online hiring system?

    2. Well yea, obviously I’d rather only work on my start up then get a job. If there was a job I really wanted I would put most of my efforts into getting that job rather than work on a start-up. Do you recommend leaving this part out?

    3.Fair. I’m thinking about creating what wikipedia calls a “functional resume.”

    4. Kind of a chicken and egg problem there isn’t it? Some of the jobs I’ve applied to are in that $10/hr range. Still haven’t heard back from most of them. Maybe its just those types of jobs aren’t suited for online application. What did you do to get your part time sales job?

    5. Showing your best work is a form bullshit. To be completely transparent, one should probably show your average work. It is more accurate.

    Thanks for the commentary. I will post my updated functional commentary in the near future.


    • I agree with the 5 points you listed. To reply to your specific comments.

      1. A resume does not have to be exciting; it’s a marketing document for a job interview. If you focus on the points I listed and modify your resume so you make it easy for the person receiving it to see that you meet their requirements you will have taken one big step many people never take. If you want to know how to make your resume more exciting –

      2. I recommend leaving the start-up out unless you can make it clear you’re only doing it on the side.

      3. I wrote a post for a friend’s blog on writing a resume:

      4. I was a Cutco sales rep, one of the top 5 in the office. It said a lot about me when my experience wasn’t just random summer jobs and my internship. You can get a lot more mileage out of reading my resume post and thinking about the big things you’ve accomplished. I bet you’ve done at least one awesome thing at each job, even if you can’t think of them off the top of your head.

      5. By don’t bullshit I mean don’t start to twist things. I’ve seen some awe-inspiring descriptions for cashier. Seriously. Not good.

      I look forward to seeing your updated resume!


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