The time I rode the women’s only metro

In the past, I’ve generally considered myself lucky if I
ended up in a public space with a high concentration of women. Ever
been to a party with 10:1 guy to girl ratio? Lame. I will recount
the events as I remember them. Erica and I decided to take the
metro to the Cairo opera house to buy tickets for the nutcracker
this week. We’ve only taken the metro here once before and that was
with Sarah, our american Egyptian roommate. Of course, we first end
up riding in the wrong direction. Erica catches this and we rush
out at the next stop and hurriedly hop on the metro going in the
other direction. Erica and I chat over the next few stops, pointing
out the irony of the nun standing next t the completely veiled
Muslim woman. It is at this point that she notices the
extraordinary number of woman in the car. Turns out, 100% of the
people in the car were women. Well, almost 100%. I flash back to
Sarah’s warning a few months ago. “If you take the metro, make sure
you don’t get on the women only cars.” FML. At the next station
Erica and I throw ourselves out of the exclusive women’s car and
into the accepting arms of 1000 smelly Egyptian men in the mixed
car. Awesome. So let this be a lesson to all of you males reading
this post. If you find yourself surrounded by a multitude of
Egyptian women, don’t feel too good about it. Cheers, Dale


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