Shokrun – Thanksgiving in Cairo

This year for Thanksgiving, Erica, Sarah and I
decided to host a semi-traditional Thanksgiving party at our
apartment. As far as thanksgivings go, it was pretty
multi-national. We had Americans, Egyptians, and Brits (including
one Scottish girl) attend. Pretty awesome. In order to make it a
true Thanksgiving, Erica and I decided to obtain some turkeys. This
is not as easy as it sounds; turkey is not widely consumed in
Egypt. After asking around for a few days, we tracked some down at
a local grocery store. We lugged our 2 20-pound turkeys back home
to defrost in garbage bags on our kitchen floor. After this great
success, we realized we needed to somehow get these things cooked.
For a normal American sized oven, this would not have been a
problem. For a tiny Egyptian oven, this became an issue. One of our
work colleagues gave us a lead on a chef, who he referred to as
“The Chef.” On Thursday night, Erica and I carried both turkeys
into a cab and were dropped off in front of the Egypt Air office in
Nasr City. The directions we received suggested that the chef was
located in the floor above the Egypt Air office. Not true. 30
minutes later, after consulting several people and wandering the
streets of Nasr City with heavy poultry in garbage bags, we located
the chef. He eagerly took our turkeys from us, wrote out a receipt,
and assured us it would be delivered to us the next morning. Sure
enough, our turkeys arrive cooked and on giant platters of persian
rice (and surprisingly, on time). We all ended up eating too much.

Though living in Cairo can be
incredibly frustrating at times, when a plan is pulled off
successfully, it feels incredibly rewarding. It was great to spend
time with our fellow expats and Egyptian friends and enjoy a
holiday that I wasn’t expecting to celebrate this year. I hope you
all had a great thanksgiving weekend and I look forward to posting
about our future attempt to get a Christmas ham.




One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Diane on November 29, 2010 at 5:25 am

    Dale, we don’t eat ham on Christmas, we eat turkey.


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