One week as a Beirutian

This post is extremely overdue as I came back from Beirut a
week ago, but what the hell, better late than never.
Challenge: Stay at a hostel room with more than four

Our hostel: The Pension Al-Nazih

Our two
person room for six people

The first night
in Beirut, we stayed at some budget hotel that was indeed, a hotel.
However, we only had this booked for the first night as we planned
to fight cheaper accommodations. Of course, this led us to stay at
a Mariott the second night which in fact, was not cheaper. By the
third night, our fearless group members Scotty and Chris followed a
lead given to them by a drunken Beirutian which is how we ended up
at the Pension al-Nazih. The hostel did not have enough room for a
group of six, but that was no problem. The hostel owner, Hala,
converted what is typically a double room into a six person room.
There was one double bed and four mattresses on the ground.
Awesome. At 20 dollars a night we couldn’t complain…that much.
Despite the lack of a toilet seat on the toilet, having to step
over my group to get to bed, and a visit by the “FBI” (a hostel
employee who had a keychain FBI badge), I managed to have an
awesome time there. We bonded with some traveling American
students, played some drinking games in the lobby, and had in depth
discussions about Nancy Ajram (a Lebanese pop star) with our FBI
agent host. Challenge: Befriend a

Erica and
the AUB Cat

Ok so I doubt this well be an actual TrekDek
challenge, but who doesn’t like posts about cute animals? One of
the days we were in Beirut we went to look at the American
University of Beirut (AUB). AUB has an amazing campus. It
overlooks the water, is full of flowers and plants, and is full of
friendly feline locals. We stopped to pet the above cat and before
you know it, he was following us. He especially took to Erica; I
like to think of them as kindred souls.

AUB... Grad school

Challenge: Be lazy about
writing and just post pictures of things you ate while

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the pictures will be repeats from earlier and non-food
related. I couldn’t figure out how to select which photos went into
the gallery. Ok so this post was by no means
comprehensive. Trying to cover everything that happened into one
week into one blog post would be impossible. I’ll be posting more
Beirut pictures up soon though so don’t be too disappointed.
Cheers, Dale


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