Potential Trekdek Challenges

So here are some potential trekdek challenges. I’m trying
to get up to 52 before launch and I need your help creating some
more and picking out favorites from this list (if any). I’m
heading to Beirut this week so I’m going to attempt to accomplish
some while I’m there. Let me know what you think! 1. Go to a
restaurant and find out where your server’s favorite place to
hang out is. 2. Learn how to say “Live well, Travel well” in the
local language. 3. Cook a location’s signature dish. 4. Volunteer
at a local charity. 5. Stay at a hostel in a room with at least 4
beds. 6. Spend a night hanging out at the hostel. 7. Attend a
locally advertised event (plays, concerts, art gallery openings.)
8. Find a bazaar/local market/flea market and negotiate the price
of a product down to at least 1/3 the original price 9. Take the
local public transportation , get off at a random stop and go
exploring. [Unsafe areas excluded] 10. Find a local bar and
learn the national drinking game or song. 11. Teach a local your
national drinking game. 12. Buy a meal for a homeless person. 13.
See a movie at the local cinema. 14. Invite another traveler out on
a trek. 15. Attend a local religious service. 16. Join in on a
local sports game. 17. Go somewhere via boat. 18. Go somewhere via
train. 19. Eat at a hole in the wall restaurant (it can’t be in
your guidebook) 20. Get lost in the city, and find your way back to
your hostel. [Unsafe areas excluded] 21. Take a cooking class or
have a local person teach you how to cook a dish. 22. Hang out at a
café all afternoon. 23. Find the best sandwich in town. 24. Find
the best place to watch a sunrise. 25. Find the best place to watch
a sunset. 26. Try couchsurfing for one night. 27. Get a piece of
clothing that locals wear and wear it around. 28. Get a picture
with a street performer. 29. Forego technology for one day. 30.
Play a card game with someone. 31. Do a pub crawl with 3 other
people. 32. Get out of the city if you’re in it, or into the
city if you’re outside of it. 33. Eat at a Chinese restaurant. 34.
Learn the local “Happy Birthday” song


3 responses to this post.

  1. I like this one: 12. Buy a meal for a homeless person.

    Along the same lines something like:
    Donate your time to some sort of local activity.
    In Europe, I helped build a roof in the tiny town of Tiszakanyár, Hungary.
    In Guatemala, I helped with the construction of a wall at a house.
    Also, I helped setup a computer network at a local “library” of sorts.

    Just a thought.


  2. Posted by Lisa D. on November 10, 2010 at 2:46 am

    What about something with:
    – Shopping at the local market and cooking a local dish – ala Julia Childs
    – Finding a local pet shelter (if it applies to where you are – some places we know they eat their unwanted animals… ) and donating an hour to walk the dogs – you do something great for unwanted pets and it gets you out on foot
    – Attend a sporting event of the most popular national sport
    Might think of some more on my drive home..


  3. How about

    – Make pressed-leaf or flower out of a plant found in the area
    – Take a picture of yourself in locals wear with a local
    – Bring a tiny jar and take home some earth/sand
    – Learn to count to ten in the local language
    – Find out how to play a game the children play
    – Challenge yourself to eat something you never would have eaten
    – Go to a bookstore and buy a book in the foreign language


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