My Big Fat Egyptian Wedding

Last week I was invited to one of the the social studies’
teacher’s wedding. Prior to this wedding, I’ve only been to one
other one (thanks Shenny) so I can now say that 50% of my weddings
has been overseas. Cool. Highlights of the night: 1. The Zaffa: A
bunch of traditionally dressed Egyptians with drums (and bagpipes?)
form a horseshoe around the bride and groom and play non-stop for
about 30 minutes. The bride and groom stand, smile, and try not to
get flower petals in their eyes. 2. Intense videography: There were
two projector screens on either side of the reception room where
the camera guys were broadcasting live the events of the night.
Throughout the night you might have been surprised to see your own
giant face on the wall above where you’re sitting. 3. Middle school
dancing: As Egyptian culture is a little more conservative than one
may find stateside, the men and women typically dance separately. I
don’t mean separately as in different rooms, but the all too
familiar middle school separation. Groups of men in circles dancing
next to groups of women in circles dancing. It is cute for middle
schoolers, hilarious for Egyptian adults. 4. The cake-cutting: The
cake cutting ceremony, broadcasted live on the projectors, was
accompanied by high-intensity techno music and a fog machine. Need
I say more? 5. Delicious food. I forgot to bring my camera but I
will definitely be tracking down some photos to post. Cheers,


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  1. Posted by eis on January 25, 2011 at 11:54 am

    i enjoy this blog


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