Red Sea Bath

My Hut

Sunrise; Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are across the sea


Do you know what happens to soap in salt water?

It doesn’t get soapy. This is what I learned on my weekend vacation to the red sea on the Sinai peninsula. Since there were no showers at this beach campsite called Ras Shitan, I decided to go au naturel and bathe in the red sea every morning. Here’s what my morning schedule looked like on the first day:

6:00 AM: Wake up to the sunrise

6:20 AM: Go on a short beach run with Erica

7:00: Gather soap and shampoo for my red sea bath.

7:05: In the red sea feeling cold

7:10: Rubbing soap on my arms to no avail.

7:15: Still looking stupid

7:20: Discovered that if I spit on the soap, it will get sudsy.

7:25: Still looking stupid because I’m spitting on my bar of soap

7:30: Finish up my bath clean and refreshed

This was followed by a pretty awesome Egyptian breakfast, some coffee, and some light reading in the communal hut.

Despite the lack of modern conveniences like western toilets or internet, I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything. In fact, the most fun I had was playing a few games of Egyptian Ratscrew, Charades, and Banana Grams with our group of Egyptian, American, and British friends. No electricity required.

Though I’m usually a fan of cool technology (I did end up bringing my Ipad for the e-reading capability), I really believe it would’ve hindered my experience there. There have been countless times when I’ve had friends over and we all sat around staring into our respective laptops. When technology and modern convenience is taken away from you, strange things happen. You end up relying on people for your entertainment. I don’t want to exaggerate and say I have a super deep connection with Yassin or Tamar now, but I definitely know that Yassin will break your hand on Egyptian Ratscrew and that Tamar seems to have to taken Charades acting lessons.

I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten really close with anyone in particular on this trip, but I did get closer, and that was far more rewarding then browsing youtube videos for hours on end.

Until next time,


PS: Niche business idea – Ocean Soap.


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  1. so that’s where you disappeared off to! i’m sad i didn’t get to see you 😦 your trip sounds amazing so far and i will continue to live vicariously through you and your posts! hope you’re well, friend.


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